This is a Free Online Tool to Compress JPEG Images to lowers file sizes.

60% Compression

How to compressed your images on

  1. Click on the "Choose file" button and upload the image which you want to compress.
  2. Set the compression percentage by sliding the Compression slider.
  3. Click on "Compress image" button. Please wait for a little, your image will upload and compress.
  4. Click the "Download image" button to download or save your resulting compressed image.
  5. For compression of another new image, repeat the above steps again.

Raster images and Vector images

Ultimately there are two main image formats. Raster images and Vector images Both image formats are visible on the screen on different applications but there is a very big difference between them.

vector and raster image

Raster images

Raster images format are the pixel based image format that means their images are made from a combination of pixels. there is one pixel then beside the second pixel then third pixel and so on. Generally raster images are non compressed image format and raster images have large file sizes. Raster image

vector images

The vector images are the mathematical calculation from one point to another point that means the line, length of lines and curves, degree of curves that are represented in the images by the mathematical calculation. All data in the images are stored in the form of mathematical calculation. if there are small images or big images, the mathematical calculation remains the same and that's why we can easily zoom the small part of such vector images without losing the quality. vector image

Why people use image compressor?

For a good quality website, the page load time should be as minimal as possible. The web page should load rapidly with all information to maintain the attention of your users. For faster web page loading, the image on your website should have a lower file size with acceptable quality. Remember that 90% of the website size is covered by only images on that website and the remaining 10% are coding.

Why people use image compressor?

The image compressor reduces the file size in bytes without affecting the quality of the images. Image compressor is to remove some unnecessary data from the images and generate images with acceptable quality.

Why should I use

Compressed images are very useful in uploading, downloading, sharing and storage. Our image compressor free online tool converts your images into the KB to maintain high quality. If requirement of image under 100 kb then our image compressor free online tool is helpful to you.

Will I achieve image size is in KB?

Yes of course you can achieve "image compressor to 100 kb" "image compressor to 50 kb" and "image compressor to 200 kb" thing in our image compressor free online tool. just increase the compressor slider. More the compressor percentage, lesser the KB file you will get.